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This week every project course has something due on the same day
(today).  I was feeling a bit of despair over this until I sat down
and looked at what we were actually doing:

- Sonify some datasets

- Build a prototype music controller

- Write some networked music software

These are things that I've wanted to try doing anyway!  I do wish I
had a bit more time though.

Yesterday Max Matthews, the "Father of Computer Music", let me play
his radio baton.  It was a lot of fun.  Basically it consists of two
batons tuned to different frequencies and large capacitive antennas
layed out in a specific configuration that act as sensors, giving
accurate X and Y positions and a somewhat less fine-grained
Z-direction reading for each baton.  Max built an entire system around
this which allows you to use it to control various aspects of a
musical piece - tempo, dynamics, timbres, etc.  It was a lot of fun,
and it was also fun talking with Max and seeing how he interacted with
the system he had created.

A score file has to be written out for each piece that is to be
performed.  When I asked Max if it was difficult or burdensome to do
this he said "If you love the music, it's a pleasure."  I think that's
applicable to what the other students and I are doing here in general.
Work that could be odious in other contexts becomes a pleasure through
the love of music.

Max also sent me the manual for the radio baton's conductor program
and suggested I write a piece for it.  I will try to do that when I
get some time.

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