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Things have gotten a bit tougher recently.

It's not so much that the workload has increased, although it has a
little bit.  It's more that I'm not keeping on top of things as well
as I did at the start of the term.  I am definitely running into areas
where I wish I had more time to explore.

I expected this to happen with the schedule I chose this term.  But I
still feel like I am absorbing the material and getting all the
important things out of each course.

There are two things I am avoiding at all costs:

1) Missing lecture - if I start doing this then I may as well not be

2) Taking extensions on my assignments - the quarters are too short; I
can't fall behind.

What this means is that I sometimes have to call it quits on an
assignment that I've finished even if I feel like I could do more work
on it.

The good (and slightly scary) thing is that final projects are
starting soon!  I still don't have any single strong idea for any of
the projects but I have a few ideas that I think would work.  I don't
think the idea is particularly important, as long as it's something
that I will feel excited to work on.  The experience of working out
all the details will be beneficial no matter what.

I will try to post project updates here on my blog.

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