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I broke out my controller from the PID workshop last year (you can
find video footage here if you haven't seen it before).  I have long
since detached it from the kitchen glove.  I put the latest version of
the Firmata firmware on it and updated the Arduino patch in pd and it
worked just like before!  It's also still pretty hard to play.  MA/MST
Hunter gave it a try and had many of the same difficulties I did in
trying to perform "Ode to Joy".

In 250a it was mentioned that something that can immediately improve a
theramin player's ability is attaching a rubber band to their hand.
That tangible, physical feedback makes a difference.  It's something I
want to try with the glove.

Of course, refining the hardware and tuning the software can make a
big difference too.  I cleaned up my pd patch a bit and put a
different cable on the device as a start (one that can't be plugged in
backwards so I don't have to think so hard when I take it out of
storage next time).

I probably won't have a lot of time to play around with the glove,
since I want to do something different for my 250a final project.  But
it was nice to know that it still works and to be able to start
improving it.  Probably the next step is actually attaching it to a
glove again.

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