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Jarosław Kapuściński performed Where is Chopin live for us today.  I
enjoyed it a lot.  It is an intermedia installation where images of
people reacting to him playing Chopin's preludes are played in sync
with a piano piece he composed based on the preludes.  Normally the
piano would be playing itself, but we got to hear him play live.

On the technical side, it was interesting in that the visuals were
triggered off of the piano playing.  And there was obviously a lot of
work spent acquiring and editing the footage.

On the emotional side, it was interesting seeing the reactions and
facial expressions of the people in the videos.  They were not
reacting directly to the audio that we were hearing, but at the same
time the reactions conveyed a definite mood.

In other news, I've been making / tinkering with stuff.  I made a
microphone, a hydrophone, and attended the shop safety class.  Over
the weekend I repaired and rebuilt an old computer that had a bad BIOS
flash.  And we're into the hardware part of 250a so I'm doing a bit
there too.

There is a great deal of things to keep track of but so far I haven't
been overwhelmed.  I do feel like if I have an emergency or make a
serious error it will be difficult to recover though.  We are already
into the third week and it will probably be over before I know it.  I
think I will keep my current schedule; all the courses are pretty
fundamental to what I want to do later on and I believe it's important
to develop good fundamentals.  Plus, this way I won't get bored.

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