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I didn't really get much done today.  It was a little bit frustrating.
But the lectures today were interesting.

It can be difficult to maintain concentration through an entire
lecture.  I try to take a large amount of notes with my laptop, which
helps.  Writing reinforces what I'm hearing.  I also try not to go too
long without food and water.  But even so, sometimes I get distracted,
too focused on note-taking, or start to do some homework.  I'm
reminded of the concept of ăȘăŒă‚‰æ— - people who are always doing
something else when they work/study (watching TV, for example).  A
laptop in the lecture hall can increase engagement but it can also be
a distraction.

In other news, I signed up for the shop safety course after hearing
about it from John, one of the Doctoral candidates.  I often find
myself wishing I had access to a table saw, so hopefully this will
take care of that need.  Having shop access will help with 250
projects as well.

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