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Second day of classes!

I've now attended the first day of each course that I'm planning on
taking.  Here are my initial impressions:

250a - If this anything like the PID workshop last year, and it looks
       like it will be, it should be a total blast.  I picked a pretty
       simple project for the workshop and had time to refine it
       before the presentation.  I'd like to do something more complex
       this time, but staying on top of the project is going to be

256a - The concepts here are very interesting.  The hobby audio
       programming I've done on my own has been non-real-time,
       non-graphical, non-interactive, non-networked.  This course
       centers around the positive version of these four concepts.  It
       looks like it will require the most programming work, so
       starting early is going to be important.

220a - This is probably going to be the most "traditionally" music
       oriented course.  I was worried I wouldn't have time to write
       pieces or perform, but it looks like I'll have a chance to do a
       little of both here.  In ways that I've never done before.  I'm
       actually still not sure what exactly we're going to do but it
       looks like it will be fun.

192a - This course looks like it will delve the deepest into the
       physical science aspects of sound, which is great.  We should
       also get some time in the studio, which I'm looking forward to.

320  - This looks like it will have the most math.  I'm really
       interested in learning about signal processing, synthesis, and
       analyzing sound so I'm pretty excited about this course.

Different courses have covered some of the same material, but each
approaches it from a different perspective.  It's also interesting
observing directly how the professors use their tools.

It feels like it has been a lot longer than two days.

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