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I was a MA/MST student at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Accoustics.

This is my weblog.

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Hello, and welcome to my blog!  I plan to mostly focus on academic or
technical topics I encounter on my journey through graduate school.
However, on occasion I may end up telling you what I had for dinner.
Hopefully that won't happen very often.  If you have any comments
please feel free to email me.

I'm on campus a bit early, but there's not a lot going on yet.  I'm
already pretty familiar with the facility from the workshops I've
taken here.  So right now I'm just taking care of administrative

One of the current PhD candidates advised me that once the term starts
there will be so much going on I will wish I took more time off.  I'm
going to try not to overload, but I can already see how that will be
difficult.  I'll only be here for a year, and there are a lot of
interesting courses available.

I get the feeling that it would be difficult to do a lot of project
work right now so I'm mostly trying to meet people.  It would be nice
to write a small piece or demo though.  We have a sixteen-channel
listening room here!

email mwilson@alumni.caltech.edu
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