Michael J. Wilson - Music 220b Final Project Submission

My project was to write an R&B love ballad with the express intention of remixing it into a dance song. The ballad "All I Need" was composed and performed by me using the Vintage Dreams Waves v2 and FluidR3 soundfonts, a YDP-223 digital piano, and my voice recorded through an SM58 in CCRMA studio D. It can be found on my music page.

This piece was completed March 14, 2011. It was created entirely with a single ChucK file using the LiSa live sampling unit generator, along with exported tracks from the ballad. One track, the 808 drum machine, was re-recorded due to electrical noise (for the original track I ran all the soundfont output through the aux ports on the YDP-223 to enable me to use the brightness and volume controls on the amplifier, but a laptop power supply caused a significant amount of noise in the recording). I used two main types of effects: a scratch effect based on the LiSa example code from the ChucK website, and a stutter effect based on simple granular synthesis principles. I also reverse the sine wave track every so often; since it's a sine wave it doesn't sound weird. Finally, I upped the tempo of the song from 90 BPM to 110 BPM by adjusting the playback rate. After that it was simply picking out sections of the piece I wanted and playing them back.

I've wanted to do something like this for some time now, and it was a lot of fun.