by Mike Mulshine

256A Final Project


"Rememory" is about action and memory. When we live inactive lives (physically, intellectually, emotionally) our memories and knowledges our selves fade or distort. When we take action - when we dream, work hard, move our bodies, engage with others, create - we learn about and better understand our past and our selves.

This audiovisual instrument, composition, and photo album allows the user to reflect on the themes of action and memory. As the user plays keys on the keyboard, mirror panes spawn in the space in front of them on the screen. Reflected in the panes is an old photograph (first, the day or week of the composer's birth). When the user does not play - when the user is inactive - the memory panes flitter away along with sound and light itself. Memories are cycled left to right as a timeline. The last memory is the present moment, in which the panes reflect you in the present moment sourced from the computer's camera. The left and right arrow keys control movement through the memories. Each key is mapped to a unique sound. Space plays all sounds at once.

[APOLOGIES: The program took more than 100% of my CPU so my screen record glitches out towards the end. The sound and visuals get a little glitchy about 1:45.]

256a Final Milestone 2

Mike Mulshine


I went with a classmate's suggestion of making my panes reflective and having things behind the camera viewpoint. I built on this development quite a bit, making a sort of memory-based narrative out of photos from my childhood. As you play, fragments of memories are reflected on panels and the screen glows bright light. As you dont play, the memories fade away and the screen fades to darkness. I added an inhale effect for when you don't play, which variously feels like gasping for air or meditative breath depending on the rate of play. And there's an exhale for when you do play, as if you are letting go of the tension and rigidity of holding your breath and, instead, letting in warm moments of the past. Next, I'd like to extend this narrative: (1) memories will be older at the start and as you play and breathe they will become more recent; (2) the sound will grow as you get closer to the present; (3) when you reach the present you will see a reflection of yourself (an animation of yourself, playing the instrument you have been playing the whole time). The full journey is through the past to the present moment.

256a Final Milestone 1



In mirrorworld, the user will explore a cold virtual world in search of warmth and meaning. As they explore, they discover virtual musical instruments in strange places. They can play these instruments. Playing will add color and character to their world. When they play these instruments, they play in a circle of mirrors where their past selves join them playing instruments they have already discovered.


M-Play-3 will expand on my second assignment to create an interactive audiovisual experience that is simultaneously game and song. The user can fly in and out of the original sequencer path (which will have lyrics like a song) to discover different sonic landscapes or songs... These songs will go together like an EP or album release, but the user's method of navigating between tracks will be flexiblly mediated by the virtual world.