Homework Assignment #3

Milestone 3: Sequence-RUN

Files: Video, Alternate Take w/ Explanation, Final Build, Unity Project

Once again, I am operating on no sleep and lots of Monster Energy, but instead of Whitney Houston I got to listen to a droney synth for about the past 16 hours.

How to control: Move the player character around with the left and right arrows. Move the row of the purple cube using W and S, and move the row of the yellow cube using Up and Down.

I added in a couple new features: first, I added in a few more percussive elements that are tied to the common bpm of the whole program which play regardless of what's happening in the game. I also added in sound cues for hitting a wall, and had it so that hitting a wall drops the bpm back to the set base of 100, as I was running into annoying issues where hitting a wall three times in a row would basically turn it into something unplayable. 

The most important new features are the two new cubes that have been added when the player picks up a powerup, designated by the spinning yellow cube (thanks, roll a ball!). The first time you hit it, it adds in another cube which plays a slightly different synth noise. When it collides with a wall, instead of losing the bpm, it simply doesn't play the note. You can move this one using the up and down arrows. The second time you pick up a power up, it adds a purple cube which plays a percussive hit each time it collides with a wall. These two follow your player controller on slightly different time delays to give a cool "history" feeling! I fixed these cubes to set intervals that corresponded with the "beat" of the runner to make it more like a sequencer than what I originally had, and went with the delay style instead of just making every element controllable because having to multitask like 7 different things is kind of hard. 

Regardless, I had a lot of fun with this project and I still think I can push this one way further -- I will be looking to continue working on this outside of class and polish it even further!

HW3 Milestone #2

I won't lie, I'm not particularly happy with where I am so far for the prototype -- I think there's a lot of expressive potential with this game and there's so much more I think I can do with this, but for now this will have to do.

The spawning of the blocks is tied to a ChucK measuring a particular bpm. The bpm increases with each subsequent pass of the blocks, and halves if you collide with a block. The sound that is generated is formed from taking the position of the cube and syncing it to a float inside . I think gameplay wise there are only a few things that I need to iron out and want to add (powerups that change the sound, a powerup that gives you a second cube to control, etc.), but the primary issue at hand is making it sound good. It sounds terrible right now and it is barely readable as a sequencer either. The final product will be a lot better. I also might just throw all of this out the window later and come back with something completely different. I have no idea.

HW3 Milestone #1

Chicken Sequencer

I found this tutorial to be fairly interesting (and humorous!), and I think it'll be a good building block for some of the ideas I have for my sequencer, especially with regards to timing events within Unity to code in ChucK. Given that last assignment though I struggled quite a bit with some of the Unity stuff and I feel this assignment is significantly more complex (at least the scope I'd like to achieve)

Brainstormed Ideas

For this assignment I really want to design a game -- so most of my ideas are structured around that. Originally, I really wanted to create some type of rhythm-centric fighting game system, where long strings and combos create dynamically changing music, where certain hits add to the complexity of a soundscape. Then I realized that would require me to implement an entire fighting game. From scratch. In 2 weeks. Which feels a little bit outside of scope, so I've scaled back a bit (for now), and come up with 3 game-centric ideas. A top-down hack n' slash beat em' up game, an "aim trainer" space, and an endless first-person platformer.