Node, Sockets, OSC, Inclusive Design, Code Generation... Cool!

Soooo... this is the start of a much larger idea for json based generative osc interfaces. That being said I would really like to develop this code to be modular, allowing for parts to be taken from it to be used in other projects. To accomplish this I will most likely use Fluid Infusion.

Things are going to be super rough for now... I am primarily building this as a test for a school project, and it is going to look absolutely nothing like what I am envisioning... but I have been iterating around this idea for a while, so it may as well exist as a single package.

In its current state the application will serve a responsive canvas based web application. The web app will track the placement of up to 5 fingers as well as the accelerometer data of a mobile device, send those to node with, and then send it out over localhost using node-osc.


The api is pretty simple. It will send osc messages over local host to port 3333. The messages you can receive are as follow


/[fingernumber]/state i ~ state of finger... 1 for on and 0 for off

/[fingernumber]/position f f ~ x and y co-ordinates of the finger

finger number can be "one", "two", "three", "four", "five


/alpha f ~ value for accelerometer alpha

/beta f ~ value for accelerometer beta

/gamma f ~ value for accelerometer gamma


This project comes with a dsp example written in chuck, it can be found at dsp/chuck/ If you would like to launch both chuck and the node server at once you can run

$ ./


Interface.js is distributed under the terms the MIT or GPL2 Licenses. Choose the license that best suits your project. The text of the MIT and GPL licenses are at the root directory.