Homework 2 for MUSIC 220a

This is the homework submission for homework 2 by Myles Borins.

Binaural Mix

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Due to some unfortunate circumstances my microphone was not working properly. I managed to get it recording, but only through sheer determination (Microphone -> Old School Radio Shack Tape Deck - > Presonus Firebox -> Audacity). The resulting feed was far from crystal clear, but some of the artifacts were quite interesting. Twisting the cable in different ways would result in various types of feedback, and once in a while a clear signal. Licking my finger and touching the back of the exposed mic resulted in palpitations and laser like emissions of sound. I took these artifacts of my imperfect signal as inspiration and chanted along to the noise. I used audacity to clean up the recordings as best as possible and arrange them in to four separate channels. Then I used chuck to map these four channels into a stereo binaural mix. Enjoy!

Source Files

Chuck Files

Mono Tracks