Homework 1 for MUSIC 220a

This is the homework submission for homework 1 by Myles Borins (idea to use bootstrap stolen from Thomas Walther).

Data Sources

Two main data sources were used, both found using DataMob.Both data sets originally came as csv files, I used the command line utility csvprintf to convert these into a single column .dat file

The first dataset was from The University of Zurich Department of Informatics and contained mined data from "The Pirate Bay". Specifically I sampled the size of torrent files.

The second dataset was from waxy.org and it contained data regarding the piracy of academy award winning movies. From this I sampled the number of days between the US Release of a film to the date it was first leaked online.

The data files can be found here:

Chuck Files

I used the original DataReader.ck file, and a Modified version of the supplied player. With this chuck file I modified the update time, and mapped the piracy data to amplitude and frequency. I also iteratively modified the chirp example file that comes with chuck to create a number of interesting tones. Specifically I mapped the the incoming data (alternating between sets) to the source and target of the chirp synth. I then modified the values of the update, the duration, and the tinc of chirp to get differing results. I used soundflower to pipe the audio into Ableton Live, changing a few number as I went. Within ableton I applied some light effects and sequencing to create the final track.

The modified chuck files can be found here You can grab a copy of the ableton file here

The Audio

download .wav