“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” - Victor Hugo



I have been wondering about the process of writing music in 8 channels. It is going to be very different from writing even stereo music as there are so many more dimensions to think of. I wanted to facilitate the exploration of 8 channel music creation and recording.

Technical Details

The GUI is in Processing using the OSCpack and Control Libraries. The 8 channel audio routing is done through ChucK. Communication between the 2 scripts are handled through osc messages.


User Experience

SpLoOper allows the user to load loops and then control the spatialization of that loop's sound by simply clicking inside a polygon. The polygon represents the space inside an 8-channel environment where each vertex represents a speaker. The user can also switch loops off, control the levels of different loops and also apply either a pan8 or a drunkenWalk effect. Pan8 makes the sound move circularly and drunkenWalk makes the sound move randomly inside the 8-channel space.

Evolution of Project

I had initially wanted to implement a game that leverages sound spatialization. However, I also wanted to make something useful and since I had wanted to explore 8 channel music creation, I thought of making an 8 channel guitar processor. However, that was not the best project for a demo, so once I had the effects that would be new for an 8 channel guitar processor, I decided to implement a looping software that would allow spatialization of sound.

Source Files

ChucK file
Processing File