Mayank Sanganeria

220A Homework 5

I took data from the Time Series Library. The following data were used: -

Monthly Boston armed robberies Jan.1966-Oct.1975 Deutsch and Alt (1977).
Source: McCleary and Hay (1980), and O’Donovan.
Hyde Park purse snatchings in Chicago 28 day periods; Jan’69 – Sep ’73 Hay.
Source: McCleary and Hay (1980), and O’Donovan.
Monthly Minneapolis public drunkenness intakes Jan.’66-Jul’78.
Source: McCleary and Hay (1980).

I played around with the amplitude, rate of update, and pitch. I also added an echo effect and different parameters for the JCRev and NRev. Additionally, I made the sound jump between channels based on the data based on whether it was odd or even. Finally I recorded 3 pieces :-




I played bass_echo in the rear channels for the whole duration and played bamboozle and mid_jumper in front left and right respectively. I also added a few bamboozle loops near the end for the 'solo' section once the bass echo gets relatively quiet.

The final mixdown is the following file.

Wave file

The following chuck files were used: -