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Link to my New and Improved Project Page
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Update May 18th 2013

  Abstraction is completely done! I am very excited to anounce that under the following constraints, the attached python script will automatically generate a page for you!  Email marvey at stanford dot edu with any questions, comments, and suggestions. I am very exited to help people set up their own pages!

Update May 15th 2013

 I completely redid the look of the page, the new look can be found here or at the top of the page under New and Improved Project... I like the look more now, and am most excited about the waveforms for each of the individual tracks that are on the left side of the page.

Update May 5th 2013

 I got the knobs working, and they look really cool, but I am realizing that sliders are actually the way to go... I believe that the sliders give a stronger feel of control and feel more natural for the task at hand anyway. I got the rainbow thing working too, which is currently the best indicator to whether the songs have loaded. For the rainbow, I loosely followed the advice given on Krazy Dad's Annoying Colors page

Update April 22nd 2013

 Got volume slider working. I'm looking to get knobs instead, and use those instead of keys in order to select, deselect, and change the volume of the different tracks.

Update April 17th 2013

 Completely revamped the look of the page, Methinks it looks rather good

Update April 8th 2013

 My project page is up, here's a link. I will update as there becomes more functionality. I'm very excited.

Current Functionality

Update April 7th 2013

 Got hello to work. Big thanks to Honchan for the groundwork he's laid in this area. My hello program is based off of his hello program found in the examples here PS it works in chrome, sometimes you have to click the shield in the top right, to the far right of address bar and allow it to load an 'unsafe script'...

Update April 5th 2013

 I referenced some similar ideas in class yesterday, here they are.

Update April 4th 2013

 My project idea currently consists of an interactive listening environment embeded in a web page such that the listener will be able to turn on and off various tracks. There will be many styles of each intrument by various musicians, and eventually I would like to add functionality to be able to upload your own tracks and hear them with it. It will hopefully serve as a free online colaboration/personalization music application.