Personal Projects

These are a few of the highlights of my time at CCRMA. These projects were personal projects, coded in C++, in line with coursework during the CCRMA Masters program.

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CCRMA - The Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics is part of the music departement at Stanford Unversity. Classes offered span digital signal processing (dsp), musical coding, sound engineering (studio redcording), perceptual understanding, and acoustical physics.

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Musical Coding

I use my Computer Science background to hack together musical projects. I love working with sound all through the process of coding an application. I get tools and (FFT) algorithms from the MCD API kept together by Ge Wang.

Make fun Sounds. Have a happy life.

Enabling others to make music drives me. Music is always just a few rhythmic taps away, I seek to engage other humans in this age old practice via new and old mediums.


We live in exciting times! See for yourself.

Personal computing audio solutions have been available for a long time, but the web has been lacking. Web Audio is blossoming beautifully. Here are some fun examples to play around with - Web Audio Samples.

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Fail fast, fail often. Life Motto.

I enjoy seeing myself and others improve. Boosts confidence and indicates direction. Start as soon as possible, discover the hangups, and work hard.

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