The CCRMA Hearing Seminar

CCRMA hosts a weekly Hearing Seminar. All areas related to perception are discussed, but the group emphasizes topics that will help us understand how the auditory system works. Speakers are drawn from the group and visitors to the Stanford area. Most attendees are graduate students, faculty, or local researchers interested in psychology, music, engineering, neurophysiology, and linguistics.

Most meetings are from 11AM to 12:30 (or so, depending on questions) on Thursday mornings in the CCRMA library. We do make exceptions for people from out of town.

The current schedule is announced via a mailing list and is also archived. To be added to the mailing list send email to

The following table shows a history of our talks over the past years. The abstracts for recent talks have been archived at UCSC by Mike Cohen and are linked into this table.

Bill YundInna Aleksandrovsky
DateSpeakerAffiliation Topic
10/18/90Chris SchreinerUCSFAuditory maps in the Cortex
10/25/90Dick DudaSJSUElevation Clues
11/8/90Les AtlasUniv. of WashingtonTime/Frequency Representations
11/15/90Dick LyonAppleCochlear Models and Wavelets
12/4/90Roy PattersonCambridge MRUAuditory Images (at Apple)
12/6/90Beth Wenzel and Scott FosterNASA and CRESound Localization
12/13/90Jerry McRobertsStanford PsychVoice Quality
1/10/91Earl SchubertCCRMA
1/17/91Dave HeegerNASAVisual Motion
1/24/91Kai Fu LeeAppleAutomatic Speech Recognition
2/14/91Dave MellingerCCRMAFM
2/21/91Pierre DivenyiVA (Martinez)Binaural Localization
2/28/91Kamil GrajskiAppleVisual Grouping and 50Hz
3/7/91Dick DudaSJSUHartmann Pitch Paper
3/14/91Ben KnappSJSUCochlear Implants
3/21/91Brian WandelStanford PsychColorVision
4/4/91Patti PriceSRIProsody inASR
4/11/91Eric YoungJohn HopkinsCochlear Nucleus Organization
4/18/91Kevin PetersonCritical Bands
4/25/91Bill BairdBerkeleyCortical Oscillator Models
5/2/91Chris ChafeCCRMASubharmonic Analysis
5/16/91Brian WandelStanford PsychColor Vision - Rescheduled
5/30/91Eric KnudsenStanfordOwl Learning and Plasticity
10/31/91Rene CollierIPOPitch Perception and Emphasis
11/7/91Hynek HermanskyUSWestPerceptual Linear Processing
11/14/91Richard LyonAppleAnalog VLSI for Hearing
11/21/91Malcolm SlaneyAppleMartin Cook's thesis on sound separation
12/12/91Rich MooneyStanford NeurophysiologyBird Songs
1/9/92Dan RosenStanford PsychLocalization Model
1/16/92Eric JensenUCBComodulation Masking Release
1/30/92Caroline HentonAppleSpeech Synthesis Techniques
2/13/92Malcolm SlaneyAppleCochlear Nonlinearities
2/27/92Dan EllisMITAuditory Imaging
3/3/92*Shihab ShammaUniv. of Maryland
3/12/92Dan RosenStanford PsychLocalization Model
3/19/92Jeff BorishEuphonicsArchitectural Acoustics
4/2/92 David Reading
4/9/92ESCA Workshop
9/8/92Ray MeddisLoughbouroughModellingfrom BM to IC
9/17/92Dan NaarAppleWisconsin Nonlinear Ear Model
9/24/92Eckhard KahleIRCAM-ParisPerceptive Aspects of Room Acoustics
10/1/92Jerry BauckSound Localization
10/8/92Workshop on Music Representations (Capri Italy)
10/15/92Shihab ShammaMarylandCarcan Psychoacoustics Paper
10/22/92Dick DudaSJSULindemann Binaural Model
10/29/92Gerald McRoberts/Anne FernaldSU - Center for Infant Studies
11/5/92Kazuaki OBARAATR-JapanWord Recognition with Auditory Front End
11/12/92Thomas HoltonUCSFSpeech Features using Models of Auditory SP
11/19/92Neal BhadkamkarStanfordCochlear Chips
12/3/92Greg SandellBerkeleyTimbre Perception/Synthesis
12/10/92Richard ParncuttMcGillRhythm Perception
1/14/93Bernard Mont-ReynaudStuderSeeMusic or Room Simulation
1/21/93Stan Searing and Amit GulatiCypress SemiconductorMPEG Audio Compression
1/28/93Jan ChomyszynhCCRMAAcoustic Distance Perception
2/4/93Lloyd WattsCaltech & SynapticsCochlear Hydrodynamics
2/11/93ARO in Florida
2/19/93Dominic MasseroUC Santa CruzPerceiving Talking Faces
3/11/93Andy MoorerSonic SolutionsUnsolved Problems in Digital Audio
3/18/93Oded GhitzaAT&TAuditory Models to Predict Human Performance
4/8/93Elizabeth CoreyNorthwesternNonlinear Hair Cell Models
4/22/93Richard F. LyonAppleNon Linearities in the Cochlea
5/13/93Barbara Calhoun/Christof SchreinerUCSFSpectral Profile in Cortex
5/20/93Andreas WeigendXeroxNews in Time Series Analysis and Prediction
5/27/93Malcolm CrawfordSheffieldAuditory Research at Sheffield
6/3/93John HoldsworthCambridgeModulation Maps
8/19/93John OhalaUCBPitch in Language
8/26/93Malcolm SlaneyAppleSpectral Pitch Models
9/2/93Caroline HentonApplePitch Dynamism
9/9/93Binaural meeting in Dayton
9/16/93Richard DudaSJSUHuman Binaural Localization Model
9/23/93Daniel RosenSU-PsychConnectionist Model of Owl Localization
9/30/93Neal BhadkamkarSU-EEBinaural Localization Chip
10/7/93Tom HoltonSFSU&VotanRobust Pitch and Voicing Detection
10/14/93Al BregmanMcGill
10/28/93Avery WangStanfordReverse-Correlation for Auditory Analysis
11/4/93Bill LynchIntervalIs the Cochlea Active?
11/11/93Richard LyonAppleCarney Nonlinear Cochlear Model
11/18/93Chuck SteeleSU-MEElectroelastic behavior of auditory receptor cells
11/25/93Thanksgiving Holiday
12/9/93John LazzaroUCBALSR spectral shape chip
12/23/93Christmas Holiday
12/30/93New Years Holiday
1/20/94Frank CooperHaskinsPattern Playback and its History
2/3/94Malcolm SlaneyApplePlaying Back an Auditory Model
2/17/94John PintoStanford PsychInfant Music Perception
3/3/94Carol KrumhanslCornell and Stanford CASPerceptual Aspects of Twentieth-Century Music
3/10/94Dan LevitinUniv. of Oregon and CCRMATempo Perception
2/24/94Fred LerdahlColumbiaTimbral Hierarchies and the Music of Poetry
8/5/94Hiroshi OkunoNTTMulti-Agent System for Auditory Stream Segregation
8/25/94Avery WangStanford EEHarmonic Locked Loops for Sound Separation
9/1/94Dan EllisMIT Media LabModels for Psychoacoustic Grouping
9/8/94Jan ChomyszynCCRMADistance Perception
9/15/94ATR Perception Workshop
9/29/94David RosenthalIMRF-TokyoGeneric Perceptual Grouping Techniques
10/6/94Shahwan/DudaSJSUOnset Detector Model
10/13/94MalcolmIntervalPure Vision/Pure Audio?
10/20/94Levitin/CookeOregonTempo Perception
10/27/94Dave HuronWaterlooPerception and Voice Leading
11/3/94Pierce/Van DuyneCCRMANonlinear Synthesizers
11/10/94Bruce PennycookMcGillMusic Library (Also AES in San Francisco)
11/17/94Bhadkamkar/MalcolmIntervalAuditory Attention
12/8/94Steve ShepardSGITransaural Stereo/Sound Localization
1/19/95Dick DudaSJSUBinarual Auditory Effects
1/26/95William MartensSpatial MediaStereographic Explorations of HRTFs
2/2/95No Seminar
2/9/95Association for Research in Otolaryngology Meeting
2/16/95Brent EdwardsUMNSignal Detection Theory and Psychoacoustics
2/23/95Dan SalzmanStanfordWinner take-all vs. averaging
3/2/95Josh GoldStanfordAuditory Neurophysiology Plasticity
3/3/95**David CopeUCSCComputer modeling of musical intelligence
3/9/95Jont AllenATTHow do humans process and recognize speech?
3/10/95**Bill YostLoyolaPitch might really be ALL in the timing
3/16/95Ben GoldLincolnEarly Vocoder History and Examples
3/23/95Sid FelsVirtual TechGlove Talk
3/30/95Stanford Spring Break
4/6/95John PierceSUFletcher and Pitch (Preview of ASA Meeting)
4/13/95Ed LeeUCBPtolemy Signal Processing System
4/20/95Scott FosterCrystal River EngineeringUpdate on Binaural Synthesis Crystal River
4/27/95Ben BonhamUCBAlternatives to Axonal-delays in Localization Models
5/4/95Durand BegaultNASABinaural Intelligibility and Virtual Acoustics
5/11/95ICASSP and CCRMA Affiliates
5/17/95**Unto LaineHelsinkiAuditory Frequency Scales and Representations
5/19/95**Tomohiro NakataniNTTComputational Auditory Scene Analysis
5/25/95Matti KarjalainenHUTSound Quality and Binaural Models
6/1/95Bill PutnamCCRMAA Review of Sound Quality Measures
6/22/95Music Perception Conference at Berkeley
10/12/95Malcolm SlaneyIntervalComputational Auditory Scene Analysis Review
10/19/95Perry CookSUVocal Modeling with the DSP Seminar
10/26/95Rolf WohrmannCCRMAWavelets and Auditory Perception
11/2/95Richard LyonAppleGammatone Cochlear Models
11/9/95Pierre DivenyiVAPsychophysics of Auditory Scene Analysis
11/16/95Erv HafterUCBAttention and Auditory Filters
11/30/95Diane SchianoIntervalCocktail Party Overview
12/14/95Dick DudaSJSULocalization of Sound Sources
1/11/96Jack LoomisUCSBExternalization of Virtual Sound at SKI
1/18/96Bev WrightUCSFDetection of Unexpected Sounds
1/25/96Nelson MorganICSISPAM
2/1/96Beth WenzelNASATentative!!!
2/8/96ARO Meeting
2/9/96Hiroshi RiquimarouxDoshisha UniversityFriday Seminar Tentative ***
2/15/96Ted LewisBerkeley 4:30PM seminar!
2/22/96Chas PavlovicReSoundHearing Aids
3/7/96John TennisonSU-MedModeling Tonal Hierarchy Research
3/14/96VA-MartinezMultichannel Compression (MCC) Hearing Aids
3/28/96No Seminar
4/4/96Acta Acoustica meeting on auditory models
4/11/96Kristin PrecodaEEConfusability of Speech Sounds
4/25/96UCBA/V Cross Modal Interactions (Tentative)
5/9/96ICASSP Conference
6/6/96Durand BegaultNASAVirtual Early Echo Thresholds
7/18/96Keele Workshop on Auditory Basis of Speech Perception
To Schedule (already accepted)
Steve GreenbergUCBMarch
Christof SchreinerUCSFSpectral Ripple after ARO
Sue McCabeUniv. Plymouth ( Scene Analys is 1/half September
Beth WenzelNASABinaural Head Motion (Early February)
Dan EllisMIT/ICSISound Separation (After mid May)
William BanksPomona ( Auditory Priming Early May
Duda StudentSJSUEnd of semester
Malcolm SlaneyIntervalAfter ICASSP
Steffen BrandorffCCRMA VisitorTemporal Coherence
To Schedule (Invited and waiting for answer) Aids
Bill BairdUCBCortical Oscillators
Gerald McRobertsStanfordIntrinsic Pitch
John PlattSynapticsBlind Separation
David StorkRichohSpeechreading Workshop Review
Eric JensenUCBSpatial Interference
To be invited
USF Time Guy
Scott FosterCRE
Tom HoltonUCSF
Manfred Clines

Other Pointers

Steve Shepard put together a list of articles and references about spatial sound for this seminar.

Send comments or suggestions to Malcolm Slaney.