D'autres Soleils - Festyvocal 2023
Luna Valentin

The Speaker Array

Week 1

As yet, I know very little about the 16-speaker array. I have only been given a map : (more soon)

Week 2

Speakers : FOCAL Pack DOME FLAX, 16 speaker and a Subwoofer.
Disposition : "in a star shape (roughly) and will be oriented towards the center of the room, rather in an umbrella position".
It becomes clear that I will face limitations with this speaker array. First, the speakers they plan to use are Hi-Fi speakers that will have to drive Carefully not to damage them. Secondly, the disposition will nott be really even and geometrical but more empirical. In terms of the use of the systems, this directs my composition (I think) towards a more empirical and randomized composition.
For future work. I would like to put together a patch to be able to experiment with the Listening Room and/or Stage set-up (i.e., select channels to approximated an array similar to the Festival's installation).

Week 3 - The Patch

This week I received the patch : 17 channels (16 for Speakers and 1 for the Subwoofer). Channel 4 is East. I will assemble the project (the chanels) in Reaper, and prepare routings to be able to work on the stage or on the listening form with an approxiamtion of the speaker array. I also need to figure out how generate 16 channels in parrallel in chuck.

Week 4 & 5 - Computer Generated music accompaniement

This week, I worked on composing Chuck Code for the accompaniment of the second part of the piece. Initially, I created something that was overly complex and heavy, but upon reflection, I realized the need to simplify and allow for more sonic space for the choir. As a result, I made the necessary deletions and adjustments to achieve a better balance. Here is The Chuck Code

Week 6 - Adapting to the Stage / Patching

This week, my primary focus is on determining the composition setup for the concert. The main question I am exploring is how to adapt to the speaker arrangement on the stage at CCRMA. While the Biennale in November will feature a 16-speaker cross configuration, the stage at CCRMA does not provide a suitable setup for this. Instead, I am considering using four T-shaped arrays of four speakers each, as illustrated in the provided diagram. This arrangement will allow for an optimal distribution of sound. As for the positioning of the choir voices, I plan to direct them through the four large speaker towers positioned in the corners of the stage. This aligns well with the location of the voices that will be utilized in the church, with each voice coming from a different corner. Additionally, the piano will be placed centrally, near the choirmaster, who will also be positioned at the center of the stage. Each Channel will also go through convolution reverb makin use of the IR corresponding to the virtual location in the chuch of the object represented (wether it is a speaker, a choir voice or the piano).

Final Update

Stage Patch : (A1-A16 corresponds to the speakers channels)
What ? Chuck Routing Reaper Routing
Alto 1.1 + 8.1
Bass 1.2 + 8.2
Piano 1.4 + 8.4
Soprano 1.7 + 8.7
Tenor 1.8 + 8.8
A1 15
A2 47
A3 40
A4 41
A5 10
A6 34
A7 22
A8 20
A9 14
A10 42
A11 28
A12 29
A13 11
A14 35
A15 23
A16 21
Subwoofer 48 to 55
Here is The Chuck Code adapted to the stage