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A Voice-Controlled Music Pong Game:
Luke's music256 Final Project


This work in progress, tentatively titled "zhong", is a voice controlled pong-like game that generates music.  The basic idea is that each side of the field represents a repeating musical loop, whose segments get turned on and off by the puck as it bounces off the different segments of each side.  The paddle can be steered with the voice, with up/down controlled by noisiness of the input signal and left/right controlled by pitch.  The goal, if one is needed, is to get all segments of all four loops playing at once.

How to install Zhong:

  1. Download and unzip  zhong.zip .  
  2. Open a terminal, navigate to the unzipped folder, and type 'make'.
  3. If everything looks good, rejoice.  If not, gnash teeth and curse the programmer.

How to run it:

General Feedback on this project:

I coded most of this at the last minute, but I did spend some time before the process writing out my idea and requirements (see pic at top) and sketching up a design document:
object diagram

I found that referencing this document was crucual when coding under time pressure.  In fact through these processes I discovered a number of principles and practices I found useful when making code that will only be used by yourself in a smallish size project.  I do not necessarily condone these techniques, but I did find them useful.  I call them....

Luke's last-minute, sleep-deprived, OO-coding hints:

If you follow any of my advice I accept no responsibility for what kind of trouble you may get yourself in, especially when you try to revise your code later!

words to code by...if ur in a hurry