Homework 2: Generative Drum Machine + Soundscape


Self generating music with Conway's Game of Life.

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This program is in ChucK. It uses sampling and real time synthesis to create a self generating song based on the state of a 8x8 Game of Life board.


Once launched in a terminal, the program prints and updates the state of the board every 5 seconds. The lower half of the board affects when different drum samples are triggered, the higher half modulates the characteristics and effects of all the sounds.

How does it work?

In order to use the ChucK file, download the sound files by clicking "Samples" above. Place the samples in a folder called "audio" in the same directory of your ChucK file.


R - randomly populate the world.

G - create a glider.

To run the world, issue this command in your terminal, in your chuck file's directory:

$ chuck life.ck

You're good to go, have fun playing and generating!