waVR (2016)

Dive into waVR.

waVR (Wave VR) is an all-new musical interactive VR experience.
Using a GameTrak, you can push waves in any direction to make your own music.

Listen to the sounds of the ocean.
Play a variety of chords by making waves.
Push your hands in the same direction and see a horizontal wave shoot off in that direction.
Spread your hands at a right angle and watch a ring wave expand in every direction.
Tread water to subtly alter the sound of your wave chords.
Raise your arms to go underwater and listen to the waves crash above you.
Notice the extra noises that water makes when it completely surrounds you.
Hear the sounds of whales all around you, and send waves toward them to catch their attention.
Swim back up above water and hear the demonic cries of seagulls.


Here's a video of the musical functionality of waVR, as well as the entire whale plot. Spoiler alert!

Early Development

Here's an early video showing the basic wave-pushing interaction:

Here's a playlist of videos showing the process of developing the whale's swimming animation:

And here's a brief demo of the fog system developed for hiding the whale at a distance: