Aesthetic-Driven Time Slowing in 12 Sentiments for VR

Figure 9. Time-slowing in movement 8 of 12 Sentiments gives the environment the gravitas necessary for achieving its intended 1246 aesthetic: "melancholy, weak." Compare a version with time slowing (above) to one without it (below).

With Time Slowing (Video Above)

The 8th movement of 12 Sentiments for VR uses the affordance of slowing virtual time to achieve the intended aesthetic of "melancholy; weak." The user attempts to make the seedlings fly upward with gusts of wind, as in previous movements, but now the seedlings are too heavy to fly.

After each gust, time slows to a crawl at the top of the seedlings' arc and freezes the seedlings almost to a stand-still. Then, time slowly returns to normal and the seedlings slowly drop back to the ground.

Without Time Slowing

Without time slowing, the seedlings' inability to fly results in a short, bouncy arc that is almost comical and not aligned with the intended aesthetic of "melancholy; weak."

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