Aesthetic-Driven Movement in 12 Sentiments for VR

Figure 22. The initial active movement paradigm created for movement 5 did not fit the aesthetic of "unsure, mournful, peaceul". The next iteration largely removed users' agency to choose where they move in order to better align with this aesthetic.

The 5th movement of 12 Sentiments for VR has the user follow a cloud of seedlings as they are blown in a jet stream across the landscape. The user can only affect their own movement in a very slight way: a user-summoned gust of wind blows the seedlings slightly off track, but they immediately resume their path forward.

This movement paradigm, which gives the user very little agency over their own movement, was chosen intentionally to align with the intended aesthetic for the movement of "unsure, mournful, peaceful." Earlier drafts that allowed the user to control where they moved instead fostered almost god-like feelings of being in control.

For a parallel movement where the user is in full control of their movement, see movement 7.

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