Music 220C Project - Live Video Mix Program

Music 220C: Research Seminar In Computer-Generated Music


This project attempts to build a program that will create a live-video recording mix of a rock band. I will connect 4-5 cameras to a computer, and the program will decide when to cut from one camera to the other. The decision when to cut and to what camera will be either a) pre-decided, b) based on live changes in the music, or c) based on the tempo of the music. 


The camera program worked with 4 cameras attached to the Pd patch. 1 camera was attached to the firewire port, another 2 attached to USB ports, and a 4th was the webcam built into the laptop.

The 2 biggest successes of the program were a) that the different formats of video were able to co-exist, and b) that the tempo-based cuts between cameras led to a very dynamic performance.

Next Steps:
Any possible next step would require building a more workable GUI that would make the entire process more intuitive. This is potentially beyond my skillset, but I intend to look for collaborators in this endeavor soon.


I have connected 4 cameras to my computer and built a simple program in Pd that can switch between the cameras. I have begun working on how to automate the switches randomly. 

Next Step:

I now need to see how the program works when it is set to a tempo - does the video work? If so, I am in the final stretch. If not, I will begin to automate the video editing to a specific piece of music.