Homework #5 - Music 220a

Kunal Datta

FFT-Based Real-Time Tracking

Audio files:

Final Track

Free 1

Free 2

Rhythm 1

Rhythm 2

Nature 1

Nature 2

Original files:

Random Nature Recording

Out-of-tune Ukulele Melody

Ukulele Tapping

Excerpt from The Blues Jam, Phi(re), Ignite, 2009


Descriptions of the various sections are below

Free Sections

For the Free Sections I used a recording of myself playing a melody on an out-of-tune Ukulele for one track, and a recording of myself tapping on the back of it for the second.

Rhythm Sections

For the Rhythm Section I used a single excerpt out of The Blues Jam by Phi(re), a band I was in a few years ago, that was on our first and only album, Ignite. The two tracks used were two different parallel computer instruments from ChucK.

Scored Sections

For the scored section, I have used the entire piece (inception). The entire minute of the Final Track is scored as the nature recording was scored. For the nature excerpts used, I used the beginning, when someone was setting up the mic, and said, "This is off protocol, with the mic set upside down, in the...uh...tundra", as well as a recording of the loudest chirp in the recording, which was a significant part in the score (marked by what looks like green coral in the second half).

Chuck files:











This piece exactly represents the score of the 14:52 long nature recording that is shown below. The red in the beginning represents the piercing sound that begins the recording. The blue throughout represents the sound of the river that is running, and the bubbles are the gurgling sound. The blue in this piece is represented by the Blues that play in and out, throughout the piece, seemingly coming from nowhere, just like the idea of the river sprang out of nowhere, dominating the piece although there was no hint of it in the beginning when the two men seemed to be discussing some species of animal.

Further, the green coral-like markings represent the chirping of the bird in the nature recording, and represents the loud and annoying parallel instrument to the Blues Jam track, that takes over one's entire mind, but still allows for the subtlety of the river, or, in this case, the blues sounding in the background.