Homework #5 - Music 220a

Kunal Datta

Final Project: The Sounds of Chilling

Audio files:

Final Track

Mono Track 1

Mono Track 2

Mono Track 3

Mono Track 4

Original files:


Laughter 2

Conversation 1


Lighter 2



Parallel Instrument to Whistling


Chuck Files

Score for Presentation

Score for Stereo

Parallel Instrument to Whistling







The time we spent sleeping

The time we spent with friends

The time we spent rolling, smoking, rolling up again

The time we spent thinking

Thinking where and when

We spent the time to learn all of the numbers one through ten

Fourteen lovers in fifteen years

Sixteen smiles for a thousand tears

One, three, five, eight and nine, Ten times over I sang this song

I thought I knew it but I was wrong

Watch this song count us through our lives

Smoke this joint get high


This song is about the monotony of life. It is about how life is predictable, just like numbers, like counting. It is about how we spend time doing various things-sleeping, chilling with friends, smoking, thinking-that fill up our lives. The song reminds us, though, that even though we have sung this same song ten times over, even though we think we know it, there is a level of unpredictability that comes along every now and then. The song tells us to enjoy life regardless of its monotony. While we're stuck in the cycle, we might as well sit back and enjoy it as much as we can.

Throughout the song there are the "Sounds of Chilling". One night, I called a few of my friends over, and recorded the entire night through audio. Just sitting around and talking provided some excellent sound clips which are used throughout the song. We hear an "unpredicted" computer generated instrument in the middle as well, playing on the meaning of the song. Further, we hear sounds like conversation, laughter, lighters, and guitars, all blending into what is this piece of music.