220b - Assignment Two
Kevin Kuang, Feb 28, 2006


Imported a midi file, Take Five, and loaded it into Common Music. Used Markov process to produce a rts output.

What did I do:

  1. Imported MIDI file with different separate tracks

  2. Cut the length of the imported tracks to appropriate length

  3. Imported rhythm information from MIDI file

  4. Define a play-markov function which:

  1. Use RTS to play 5 different sequences in “real time” and each sequence has different start offset by using (sprout :at) function

  2. Done.


You can compile the whole file in emacs and it will give you one min sound through rts, if there is no sound, check (rts?) and (rts-stop) if rts is running.

I was doing this assignment in my notebook, need some time to compile before the rts play back the sound...