Music 220B Compositional Algorithms, Psychoacoustics, and Spatial Processing
Final Project
Granular Synthesis, Frequency Modulation, String Physical Modeling, Moog Filter, Markov Chain

Kevin Kuang, March 20, 2006


In this project, I was trying to combine some basic but interesting(musical) material learned in 220b into a piece of ''CCRMA music''. Material I used including frequency modulation instruments, such as fm-voice, fm-drum and fm-voilin. I used some moog filter on these FM outputs since it sounds more interesting in my ear. Granular synthesis instrument also used on a physical string modeling wav file I created by STK. Based on HW2, I made some changes in the markov and generate 3 different midi files, again, using the ''Take Five'' midi.

Things I did in the project:

Sound sample generated in this project used:

Mix down total 32 tracks in Audacity under Linux

I really enjoy this project, both the result and the procedures of doing it. I was planning to make some analog synthesizer algorithms, but just a little bit tired of working on DSP all these days and would like to make something just pure music and have fun, (it's fun to work with dsp, but it's painful fun and smile with tears). For the listener, the sound might be just another weird sound, but for me it's actually fun to make sound like these, I mean creating sound by using frequency modulation, moog filter, etc. since I have more control over the sound itself and have much more possibilities, by just change some parameters. The only problem I had is, and again, the clm programming, sometimes it just took me a long time to debug, even with a very simple loop.


The lisp file ''final.lisp'' is a rough record of how I generated the sound, not everything can be found in this file, since many time I forgot to copy it and have no idea what parameters I changed later. But it should be ready for (compile-file) and (load).


FmDurmFive.wav (length: 4:00 size: 40.4MB)

FiveFmDurm.mp3 (length: 4:00 size: 3.7MB)