220a Final Project
Take Five with Markov Chain
Kevin Kuang

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About the music

On Dec11, 2005, a mixed version of Take Five is created. I used a Take Five MIDI file as the back ground music, and a piano MIDI track was used as the input of a Markov chain system, a PD Linux external object, and the output was sent to generate the pitch of a mandolin physical model of STK in PD. Several VST plug-in were developed in C++ and added as effects to the markoved mandolin track. I also added a drum using Hydrogen. Mixing down was done in Audacity based on Linux. After all the technical stuff are done, the result is a super typical music piece by a mathmusician, so, Merry Christmas, turn the volume down and don't be scared.

OS: Linux, PC
Software: Pure Data, Rosegarden, Audacity, Hydorgen, Sound Forge(VST), VC++6.0

Figure 1. Implementation flow