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I'm Katie and this is my 220c website. Check here for updates on my project!


Here is the (current) final mix for Devil in You:

and here is the (current) final mix for Rainbow:

Additionally, I thought it would be interesting to do a side-by-side comparison of the evolution of Devil in You. Thus, I've chosen the same approx. 25 second portion from the second chorus. The following clips are from the voice memo demo, the unmixed recording, the first mix and the second (final) mix.


I continued to work on mixing Rainbow; as with most second round mixes, I undid the majority of the things I did in the first part, then added in new EQs/reverb/compression/etc. I struggled a bit with making the mix feel cohesive, trying to add enough reverb for it to feel dreamy but not so much that it felt washed out.


I worked on mixing Rainbow, primarily on editing vocals. I played around with the background vocals, trying to make them sound full, smooth and warm. I did a lot of FlexPitch and quantizing on them; I was worried it would make them sound overly processed but I think it helped to make them even and cohesive.


This week, I worked on mixing Devil in You! Here is a first pass at mixing:

and here is a second version

I have determined, with the amount of time I have left, I want to focus on the two songs already in progress and don't want to try to record a third before the quarter ends.


I was quite sick this week, so unfortunately I did not get very much work done on the project.


This week I primarily worked on Rainbow, recording vocals and guitar with a similar mic setup as for Devil In You. I also recorded some charango tracks (which I picked up in Chile!); I can only play a few chords, so I will be attempting to stitch them together. I edited together the guitar and main and background vocals.


I had a session with Richard in the studio, laying down electric guitar tracks for Devil in You. I recorded the electric guitar with both a DI and by feeding it through an amp and capturing that live sound with a dynamic mic. Then, I reviewed those tracks and edited them together. I also added a percussion track on top using a mix of digital instruments/MIDI and samples that I recorded using the percussion (tambourine and shaker) available in the studio.


I continued working on Devil In You, editing choosing takes and stiching them together to form composite vocal and guitar tracks. I also worked a bit with FlexTime to rhythmically align the main and secondary guitar parts. I sent the stems to Nathan so he can lay down a scratch bass track, and I compiled some inspiration for electric guitar.


I started recording in the studio this week! Specifically, I laid down guitar and vocals. I recorded the guitar in three ways: 1) with two condesers, one at the freboard and one at the sound hole (fed through the Aphex preamp), 2) with one dynamic microphone at the sound hole (fed through the Millenia preamp) and 3) via direct injection (just the signal coming out from my electroacoustic). I played around a bit with mixing these different recordings together; I think I like a combination of the fretboard condenser and the sound hole dynamic microphone. I recorded all the vocals– main and backing– using a Neumann U87 fed through the Millenia preamp.


This week, I focused on mapping out what I want the overall sound/feel of the project to be. First, I spent about ten minutes writing out adjectives and ideas that I wanted to be conveyed through my work:

Next, I created an inspiration playlist

Then, I spent some time sketching out the arrangment for "Devil In You"; while I am flexible about the arrangment, particularly when it comes to what other musicians are inspired to do on the track, it is helpful to have a "map" when I am working in the studio so I don't become completely overwhelmed.


I spent some time going through the songs I have written in the last year or two, deciding which ones I want to focus on recording for this project. Two stood out to me: Devil in You

and Rainbow.

If I have time, I will record more. I also did some more cleaning on the mix that I was working on last quarter, Bivouac