Plug-ins / SC Reverb

This VST plugin is implemented for performance evaluation of the Switched Convolution Reverberator structure, which is proposed in the AES paper1. This artificial late-field reverberator algorithm requires little memory and low computational complexity and readily generates high echo densities, so that it is appropriate for mobile devices and the like.


SC Reverb has some controllable parameters as shown below figure. It consists of mix level, reverberation time in time/freq., pre/late-delay time, etc. Among them, 'Method', 'Noise Type' and 'Late Only' are used for demonstrating the performance of each structure in the AES paper1.

SC Reverb Description

Display panel provides three different views, which can be switched using the 'display panel selector'.
For the details of 'Method' and 'Noise Type' parameters, please refer to the project page on the switched convolution reverberator.


This VST plug-in is implemented using VST audio plug-in SDK v2.4 and VSTGUI lib.
Please email me for any questions and suggestions on this plug-in. =)

This plug-in is developed for academic purposes. For the professional use, it might have to be more optimized in computational complexity; e.g., using Intel's Streaming SIMD Extention (SSE).

Posted on Feb. 28, 2010
1 Keun-Sup Lee, Jonathan S. Abel, Vesa Välimäki and David P. Berners, "The Switched Convolution Reverberator,” 127th Convention of Audio Engineering Society, preprint no.7927, Oct., 2009