Ambisonics in Chuck

Ambisonics B-Format Decoders

For my 220a final project, I wrote a series of ambisonics b-format decoders. An ambisonics b-format file is comprised on four channels, w, x, y, and z (see the figure to the right). Here, several lower order decoders were implemented in Chuck. Currently, there are decoders for mono, mid-side stereo, crossed pair stereo, quadrophonic, 4-channel full sphere, octophonic, and 8-channel first order cube. A diagram of the first order cube is displayed below.

As a test file, the first 30 seconds of Joseph Anderson's ambisonic piece Pacific Slope is included under a GNU license. Included in the download below are the individual Chuck ambisonic decoders and directions for their use.

By: Elliot Kermit-Canfield | Autumn 2013