Katherine C.

Monday, Oct 24, 2022

Music 256A / CS476A, Stanford University


HW2: Sound Peeking – Final Deliverables

Name of my audio visualizer




Production build (MacOS platform)

Instructions for using the audio visualizer

View (keyboard input)

Where/how is the spectrum history visualized?

Where/how is the waveform visualized?

Car (1)

Circles (raindrops) on the window

1) The red wave along the windowsill, 2) Vertical movement of the car

City (2)

The road surface

Red wires between the poles

Sky (3)

Circles around the rotating planet

Stars expand/shrink according to the average of the absolute value of each data point in the waveform

Unity project

Comments on constructing the audio visualizer and difficulties encountered


HW2: Sound Peeking – Milestone 1

For this milestone, I:

  1. Completed Unity’s Roll a Ball tutorial
  1. Screenshots of progress

Applying input data to the Player

Displaying the count value

  1. Link to screen recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yBn-i3H5m2gGBqB5WUz6va1UImRArUy5/view?usp=sharing 
  2. Link to build: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ru1Kc3F1co8Xotp5dBcjfzvEmSMxJd6E/view?usp=sharing 
  3. Comments on progress and experience: The Roll A Ball tutorial was very straightforward as I did it once already a couple of years ago when I just started learning Unity. Nevertheless, it helped me brush up Unity skills as I have not used the game engine since the spring.
  1. Completed Chunity tutorials
  1. Screenshots of progress


Responding to Unity Events / Using Unity Variables (1)


Audio Files

Using Unity Variables (2): Chuck Global Variables

  1. Link to screen recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r-pYidwEl5CPtMMRXm-DwsfJhEsm0ILP/view?usp=sharing 
  2. Link to build: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SbqkKE6rcO2Fm15H3K12KCCbeLbYbeZB/view?usp=sharing 
  3. Comments on progress and experience: The Chunity tutorial was a fun and challenging experience. It was fun because this is my first experience of audiovisual design in Unity. It was challenging because I am still not super familiar with the ChucK language.
  1. Played with sndpeek
  2. Completed Ge and Kunwoo's Artful Design TV tutorial "HelloAudioVisualizer”
  1. Screenshots of progress:

Step 1: Getting Audio Data

Step 2: Visualizing Waveform

Step 3: Visualizing Spectrum

  1. Link to screen recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vdwiBLQW0Xc1TQ-1GUUJCr42FtHxb1e6/view?usp=sharing 
  2. Link to build: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qblk9-kVWUtULqHpZOt0hIJUwQEpCdR-/view?usp=sharing 
  3. Comments on progress and experience: I thought this tutorial was super cool! I feel like now I am a lot more familiar with using AudioSources in Unity. The most exciting moment was when I pressed the Play button and saw the waveform move for the first time in response to my voice!
  1. Started working on my own visualizer in a new project using the ChunityAudioVisualizer starter code
  2. Brainstormed ideas for sound visualizer design (briefly described them in words and images)
  1. First-person journey through tube
  1. The player (in first-person view) travels down some half-transparent tube-like structure while the audio input (waveform + spectrum, with source as microphone input or audio files) is visualized as circles around the player along the walls of the tube-like structure.

  1. Walk ball
  1. The player (in third-person view) walks in a sphere, and the sphere’s surface is formed by the visualizations of the audio input.

HW2: Sound Peeking – Milestone 2

Video link: https://youtu.be/aaBuksNDJsI 

For this milestone, I: