This is the list of courses that I took at Stanford.


  • Music 72A: Intermediate Piano Class
  • Music 120: Introduction to Audio/Multimedia Application Programming
  • Music 154: Composing, Coding, and Performance with Laptop Orchestra
  • Music 200: Graduate Proseminar
  • Music 220A: Fundamentals of Computer-Generated Sound
  • Music 220B: Compositional Algorithms, Psychoacoustics, and Spatial Processing
  • Music 220C: Research Seminar in Computer Generated Music
  • Music 220D: Research In Computer Music
  • Music 256: Music, Computing & Design
  • Music 301A: Modal Analysis
  • Music 301B: Tonal Analysis
  • Music 301C: Post-tonal Analysis
  • Music 319: Research Seminar on Computational Models of Sound Perception
  • Music 320: Introduction to Digital Audio Signal Processing
  • Music 423: Graduate Seminar in Signal Processing Research

Engineering and others

  • CS 106X: Programming Abstract
  • CS 205A: Mathematical Methods for Robotics, Vision, and Graphics
  • CS 223B: Computer Vision
  • CS 229: Machine Learning
  • CS 294A: Unsupervised Deep Learning
  • CME 206/ME 300C: Numerical Methods for Engineers
  • ENGR 205: Introduction to Control Design Techinques
  • EE 263: Introduction to Linear Dynamic Systems
  • EE 278: Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing
  • EE 292F: Digital Processing of Speech Signals
  • EE 364A: Convex Optimization I
  • EE 367A/Music 420: Signal Processing Models in Musical Acoustics
  • EE 367B/Music 421: Audio Applications of the Fast Fourier Transform
  • EE 367C/Music 422: Perceptual Audio Coding
  • EE 367D/Music 424: Signal Processing Techniques for Digital Audio Effects
  • EE 376A: Information Theory
  • Psych 303: Human and Machine Hearing