" c'est beau savez vous? - l'éducation apres l'instruction! "

-Ernesto Bein-


Universidad de los Andes: Universidad de Los Andes: Department of Arts MOX - Computación Avanzada en Ingeniería MEAT - Medios Electrónicos & Artes del Tiempo Creación Multimedia HiperCubo Stanford University: CCRMA - Center for Research in Music & Acoustics Universidad Nacional de Colombia: Facultad de Artes Universidad de Caldas: Facultad de Artes y Humanidades


Electroacoustic Music History Music Technology and Midi Electroacoustic Music Composition (tape & live electonics) Introduction to Digital Audio and Signal Processing Algorithmic Composition Sound in Soundscapes Introduction to Sound Synthesis and Software Synthesis

Synchronisms of Text, Image and Sound Elementary Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and Programming Abstractions Audio for Video and Post-production Sound Art Interactive plus Haptic Arts Art and Gesture (perceptiona and Machine Listening)

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