Piece Descriptions:

( Sound Art in a Sound Sketch)

The idea behind ``Esquemas de Marimonda'', is to use the notion of the sketch in drawing, but further, inside a musical framework. On this analogy a suspended horizontal timeline is envisioned with even intervals from beginning to end. On a given interval a spark happens producing an event. Thereby we hear motion in time given by several perpendicular events, past and present, which arise tension and relief. Visualizing the analogy we can argue that each vertical or perpendicular action is a musical gesture generated by a computer algorithm controlling FM audio synthesis. The spatial trajectory of each sound has a ``marimonda'' shape, sort of like elephant ears, or infinite shape curves. This piece was composed for a sound art exhibition, and it is a loop projected with its own diffusion and amplification system. Marimondas are intrinsic characters of Barranquilla's carnival. A new version (-MMXVI-) of Marimonda Sketches called Arimond saw its dawn not only as a sound installation but as a multi-phonic projection media piece, in addition to a space intervention composition.

Electronics of Marimonda Sketches

Here Lissajous Figures portray an infinite symbol, or better, those ears of a Marimonda. On Marimonda Sketches these points are taken as source paths to trace spatial motion of sound. A sound will travel to different azimuths and angles giving dynamics to soundings perceived as time goes by. These events have semantics similar to musical gestures.

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... Binaural downmix of ``Arimond'': a new rendition (2016) of Marimonda Sketches.

Electronics of Marimonda Sketches

Electronics of a sound installation for space intervention.

A note about Arimond:

A new instance of 'Marimonda Sketches', now called "Arimond" came into being. As the notion of spatial textures, and 3D perception of music is being portrayed, Arimond has posted several challenges in order to become a second order Ambisonics piece. Like on the original, sound paths follow an infinity-figure-path along the plane, or perhaps the sphere , in addition to of a metaphor based on real elephant ears (see figure above). The ears of the marimonda, a character of the Barranquilla Carnival, resemble those of the elephant, claiming "not to see and hear music better", -among other phallic factors-.

Furthermore, because of factors function of Newtonian physics such as speed, time and distance for motion in space, a diversity of patterns following the marimonda metaphor have been achieved. Add this to context features like room-size plus reverberation and a variety of gestures come out, while dealing with this sort of composition. An infinity-like path can be obtained by using schemes such as those of Lissajous Figures, Spirograph, or maybe patterns commonly used on the Jacquard Loom (listen to J. Chowning's Turenas for more on the subject). On a technical side note, used S7 Scheme programming to debug old code and to model spatial patterns for Arimond. In particular fine tuning of delay lines size.

Descripción en español:

Esta obra es un esquema, por no decir dibujo, aludiendo a la práctica del arte con lo sonoro. La imagen auditiva es proyectada a través de un par de transductores suspendidos o dispuestos en el espacio. Puesto que es una imagen estereofónica, su percepción es tri-dimensional. Los trazos del esquema son logrados por osciladores, generadores de armónicos, que al escucharse se agrupan en formas o patrones que pueden sonar familiares al oyente. Estos son como delineamientos alrededor de un supuesto centro de gravedad que influye en la tensión del movimiento. Las figuras que sugieren los sonidos de este esquema, son las de la danza de las marimondas en individual o en conjunto. No hay sonidos reales, esta obra ha sido realizada algoritmicamente en el lenguaje de programación Scheme con Snd. La electrónica y el artefacto de proyección también son realizados por el compositor. La marimonda es uno de los personajes del Carnaval de Barranquilla.