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Structural Patterns for Bowdoin Sketches

This is a piece for sounds of the bowed string. A set consisting of a physical model, LPC analysis, and spectral modeling synthesis in addition to granular synthesis contains a gamut of timbres used for this composition. Atonality with clusters of pitch classes on parallel lines and three interval overlap blends the spectra. Musical structure follows a kind of labyrinth pattern to dead-ends across winding lines where each segment is part of an episode (see below). Note symmetry of structure. Spatial arrangement is framed on the landscape paradigm whereby static sound sources are scattered on 360 degree plane. Some utterances suggest sound source motion along paths.

Bowed sounds are product of physical modeling synthesis on CLM-5. Some are processed and edited using Snd and other audio editing software. Further signal processing takes advantage of a borrowed Eventide Harmonizer. Piece assembly and panning around the circle was also done using CLM-5. A chorale (stringed section) sound texture with thick and thin textures extends through the piece. A subject (motive), delineates beginning and end.

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... Stereo downmix of ``Bowdoin Sketches''

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(Música por computador con sonidos de cuerda frotada para interpretación telemática)

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