Piece Descriptions:

( An Infra-acoustical Landscape )

This is a piece with sonic events based upon visual images. These images, in fact, have been produced by elements and objects of a natural landscape.At first sight all the elements seem to be in harmony, or at least on an equilibrium state. As soon as the viewer focuses on a particular event the system de stabilizes, and events, like pictures on an exhibition, start to happen. All these isolated events are inside a general panoramic view in the mind of the viewer. Thus motion of particles in smaller systems also occur in the mind of the viewer (listener).The greatest moment of contrast among the elements of this system occurs at sunset. (When the sun sets on the west coast of the barra). This is when water turns reddish or copper like tone and makes a huge cooking pot or better, a huge and expensive steel drum."La boca de la barra" is a geographical place on the Caribbean where salted marine water melts with sweet cienaga (pond) water. Where vegetables become algae, where frogs become fishes and lobsters look like crabs.In this electroacoustic composition the composer presents macro-acoustical organizations and such sub-atomic systems and elements that conform the periodic table of sonic elements on the Boca de la Barra.