(Barranquilla, Colombia)

Born in Barranquilla Colombia, Juan Reyes (1962) composer, is also founder and chair of MagInvent.ORG, an effort bringing together the arts, science, and technology through collaborative projects like Artelab and expyeZp, which further support development of new music and evolution on the electronic arts in Latin America. He has pursued degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics and Music aiming towards Computer Music and its related fields at the University of Tampa, and at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) in Stanford University. Among a variety of subjects in music and acoustics he has studied with John Chowning, Chris Chafe, Julius Smith III, Jonathan Berger, Brian Ferneyhough, Terry Mohn and Max Mathews. Current interest and research topics are focused around tactile and haptic measures to manipulate gesture and acoustical environments as well as on musical expression. Among his works, mostly related to computer music, there are compositions for the stage, dance, video, sound installations and chamber pieces. His research has been published on several journals and much of his music has been performed around the world.

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