Jimmy's Jumpin' Jugband

A lighthearted performance on taking control away from a performer. This piece was an investigation on recording motions in ChucK and playing mulitple lines at the same time.


I used the same wii class as project 2 from automata. The wiimote sent messages to OSCulator which sent messages to my ChucK program.


To implement motion recording I mimicked sound recording with sampling rate. I created a array with a specified number of samples and then spaced them out equally over the length of the recording measures.


The pitch of the wii-mote determines when a note is played. When the pitch passes the horizontal it will play a sound. The roll parameter determines the degree of the scale.


I used the mandolin to set the chords. I used the jug to be my dynamic controller and the percussion as well to add extra rhythm.

Musical Structure

There are two recordings that switch off being recorded and played. The chords are determined by a first order Markov Model. The pitch of the jug is a degree of the major pentatonic scale. I also created a metronome which is able to switch on and off when interactivity worked.