A trip down Market

Flying Kites

I made this experience to for two reasons, one as an exercise in using sound as a UI to explore to photogrammetry models created from videos footage one from 2019 and the other from 1906 and the second more ambitious to attempt to experience time in a new way. For the first idea my goal was to encourage the user to view these 3d captures from their best angles and at a pace where the details are clearest. To do this I implemented a proximity threshold where if you are outside of it the sound is a sort of distorted version of two sound files based derived from granular synthesis of each respectively. This encourages the user to get close to the models towards the center without necessarily punishing them for wandering outside. As for the pace I have the respective track linked to the speed of the user flying through the space so that when the user is moving at the “ideal pace” the song plays at the “ideal” pace. Again the goal is to encourage the user and not to punish them. The secondary goal was to make an experience that allows the user to apecriatet he passage of time and act as a reminder that time is passing. In this way the sound and the visuals are allow the use to traverse time in a way not afforded by the real world in this. The intended takeaway is that the user exits the experience apecciative of the pace at which the currently experience time. .