This is the list of courses that I have taken at Stanford. You may see the final project details by clicking courses.

CS 106B  Programming Abstractions
MUSIC 120  Introduction to Audio/Multimedia Application Programming
MUSIC 150  Musical Acoustics
MUSIC 151  Psychophysics and Cognitive Psychology for Musicians
MUSIC 154  Composition and Performance of Instrumental Music with Electronics
MUSIC 192A  Foundations of Sound-Recording Technology
MUSIC 220A  Fundamentals of Computer-Generated Sound
MUSIC 220B  Compositional Algorithms, Psychoacoustics, and Spatial Processing
MUSIC 220C  Research Seminar in Computer Generated Music
MUSIC 250A  HCI Theory and Practice
MUSIC 320  Introduction to Digital Audio Signal Processing
MUSIC 423  Graduate Seminar in Signal Processing Research
EE 367A/MUSIC 420  Signal Processing Methods in Musical Acoustics
EE 367B/MUSIC 421  Audio Applications of the Fast Fourier Transform
EE 367C/MUSIC 422  Perceptual Audio Coding