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Browsing Precompiled Examples on the Web

The result of a successful make may be browsed at
and downloaded from

The example documents lie in the following subdirectories of the webpub directory:

        myconferencepaper  - example conference paper
        myarticle          - example journal article
        mybook             - example book

If the make succeeded, you should find HTML and PDF versions of each of three example documents, all reachable via hyperlinks from the main ``home page'' in the automatically generated website (in TEST-INSTALLDIR). Browse the HTML versions and test the ``download PDF'' link at the bottom of any HTML page. Note also how the automatically generated ``navigation links'' allow easy travel in either direction through the document, as well as the ability to go ``up'' all the way to the central home page at the top. When one of your HTML pages is reached via a hyperlink somewhere on the Web, the navigation links make it easy for the reader to determine the context of your Web page by zooming out until he or she feels oriented.

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