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An Example .gdbinit File

Below is an example .gdbinit file used with the simple example STK patch (the ``acoustic echo simulator'') described above:

echo    set args 2 \n
        set args 2

echo    dir ../../src \n
        dir ../../src

echo    b FileWvIn::tick(void) \n
        b FileWvIn::tick(void)

The .gdbinit file goes in the same directory as the main program where gdb is started. It assumes that the library of standard stklib modules is located in ../../src/ (which works if your main directory is located in or parallel to subdirectories of the STK projects folder). A correct pointer to the STK source directory is necessary for viewing source code while single-stepping standard STK modules.

Note that a breakpoint is always set at the tick function of the FileWvIn object. When the program is run, it will halt just before sound reading begins, after preliminary set-up is finished. You can also set the breakpoint at main in order to see absolutely everything that happens.

The ``echo'' commands are not required, but they remind the user that the .gdbinit file is being executed every time gdb is started in this directory.

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