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Program to Produce and Filter Sound Waves

To experiment with the timbres that can be synthesized with our high Q filters, we wrote a test program, filter.cpp. The program runs on an 800mHz PC running a Linux operating system. The program can

Computations are done in double precision floating point arithmetic. The program has not been carefully optimized. Only about 30 percent of the computer power seems to run all 200 filters.

Tests where parametric changes (both frequencies and decay times) of blocks of filters were suddenly changed showed that neither visible nor audible transients were produced by the parametric changes. Thus it would appear that both frequency and decay can be used as rapidly changing time-varying parameters to form ``compositional lines'' in compositions.

In the presentation of this paper at the SMAC 03 meeting, we will demonstrate various timbres and effects that can be produced by the filters.

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Download smac03maxjos.pdf

``Methods for Synthesizing Very High Q Parametrically Well Behaved Two Pole Filters'', by Max Mathews and Julius Smith, Proceedings of the Stockholm Musical Acoustics Conference (SMAC-03), pp. 405-408, August 6-9, 2003.
Copyright © 2008-03-12 by Max Mathews and Julius Smith
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA),   Stanford University
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