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Upgrade-2008 Headbutts

Here are the problems I encountered with this upgrade:

I am pleasantly surprised by how cool and quiet the new system is. Since it draws much more power, I was worried that my old Antec Sonata case would not pull out enough air with its one quiet fan in the rear. So far, however, the core temperatures reported by lm_sensors14are always less than 40$ \hbox{${}^{\circ}$}$C under ``normal'' maximum load for me (compiling a large book in LaTeX). The ``red line'' is said to be at 100$ \hbox{${}^{\circ}$}$C. In contrast to this, my two-year-old HP Pavilion notebook (§6.7) idles at core temperatures in the 60s (AMD Turion64 dual-core), and a long project compile drives them up into nthe 80s and 90s. (The laptop has also shut itself down several times due to overheating.)

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