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Notes (Mac OS X)

Having three different machines running Mac OS X, Fedora F8 Linux, and Windows XP, respectively, really gives one a ``three-ring circus'' experience. It's sometimes confusing to operate one display, two keyboards, and three mice. Also, the Mac OS X environment includes a virtual Windows environment, as well as typically several X windows connected to my Linux machine (using xhost and ssh -X). I really like VMware's ``unity'' mode in which Windows applications share the same desktop as Mac apps. (In that case, the Windows apps may be launched from a VMware menu.) I can almost drive everything from the Mac.

Related to the previous point, one thing that annoys me very much in emacs on Linux is that one must be very careful to press modifier keys such as meta and shift in the right order. This issue disappears when driving from the Mac. The issue appeared relatively recently in Linux, perhaps somewhere around Fedora 6.

Misc. Remarks:

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