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Monitor Upgrade, August 2007

I chose the Dell 2407 24" flatscreen LCD monitor ($640.18 including shipping). At the moment, I'm using its VGA input driven by my Linux machine, and the digital input is driven by the Mac Pro. Since before 2000 I was using a 21Cornerstone VGA monitor, which was great, but relatively large and heavy (and perhaps losing a bit of brightness).

A great feature of the Dell 2407 is that it will rotate 90 degrees on its stand (unlike the newer cheaper Dell monitors I've seen at Best Buy [December 2011]). This is called the ``pivot'' feature, and it is a much better configuration for desktop publishing (6 x 9 book preparation in my case). Also, since it has 100 mm VESA mounting holes, I could wall-mount it on one of the many VESA wall-mounting systems out there. It would be very cool to have two of these monitors wall-mounted side-by-side on the typical adjustable arms for such things (normally used to mount LCD flatscreen TVs, I suppose).

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