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Fix MacPorts for Snow Leopard

After upgrading to MaxOSX Snow Leopard (v10.6.1), a number of MacPorts no longer worked. Below is what I had to do.

mkdir macports; cd macports
svn co
cd base
./configure LDFLAGS=''
sudo make install
sudo port selfupdate
Considered other directions at
port -f -u uninstall installed [after much futzing]
Overwrite /opt/local/share/texmf/dvips/config/ with working version (dated 1986) by Tomas Rokicki et al., as described above.
port install netpbm [for latex2html, which is separately installed outside of MacPorts, as noted in the previous subsection]
port install aspell-dict-en
port install ImageMagick [for convert command, used by htlatex]
port install xfig [for hand-drawn figures]
port install wget
port install maxima FAILED (dependency sbcl failed to build)
port install sox [command-line sound playback and miscellaneous processing]

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